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Oleg Troyansky

Conocido por ser uno de los principales colaboradores en Qlik® Community Forum, ha ayudado a miles de desarrolladores de Qlik® en todo el mundo, Hoy en día  está dedicando la mayor parte de su tiempo a entrenar a los equipos de desarrolladores de Qlik®, así como a proporcionar servicios expertos, como ajuste y optimización del rendimiento, arquitectura de soluciones y mejores prácticas.


Autor del libro, Consultor de Inteligencia de Negocios,  es educador y empresario. Profesional dedicado QlikView. Qlik Luminary y MVP de la Comunidad de Qlik.

Actualmente Disfruta ayudando a las personas y empresas a mejorar su ejecución con Qlik

Training Offerings from Natural Synergies

QlikView Your Business – QlikView Developers class.

This classroom offering consists of three educational modules of increasing complexity – Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels. The class materials are built on the bestselling book “QlikView Your Business” by Oleg Troyansky. The class is delivered by the author or by another seasoned QlikView expert. The detailed description of the three modules is as follows:

QlikView Your Business – Beginner Developers Class: 3 days

  • Introduction to QlikView
  • Understanding the business case for Sales Analysis
  • Learning basic QlikView visualizations and Charts
  • Introduction to Data Modeling and basic scripting
  • Introduction to Set Analysis

QlikView Your Business – Intermediate Developers Class: 3 days

  • Understanding the Business Case for Profitability Analysis
  • Designing intermediate level visualizations and Charts
  • Learning advanced Data Modeling tools and techniques
  • Using Link Tables for combining multiple Fact Tables in a single model
  • Building a QVD data layer, learning advanced scripting
  • Learning additional Set Analysis techniques

QlikView Your Business – Advanced Developers Class: 3 days

  • Understanding the business case for Inventory Analysis
  • Learning advanced visualizations and Charts
  • Building a Concatenated Fact data model for combining multiple Fact tables
  • Deep Dive into advanced Set Analysis and Advanced Aggregation (AGGR)
    Performance Tuning

Pricing and Packages:

QlikView Your Business – Master Class for QlikView and Qlik Sense Developers

This compressed 3-day class is for experienced QlikView or Qlik Sense developers that are familiar with basic and intermediate Qlik development techniques and need to advanced their expertise to the next level. The class materials are mostly based on the bestselling book “QlikView Your Business” by Oleg Troyansky. The class is delivered by the author or by another seasoned QlikView expert. The detailed description of the class is as follows:

Advanced Data Modelling

  • How Qlik stores data
  • Normalizing or Denormalizing?
  • Data Modelling techniques – Mapping, Joining, Concatenation
  • Link Tables
  • Concatenated Facts
  • As of Date tables

Advanced scripting

  • Variables
  • Script control (loops, if, etc.)
  • Subroutines and reusable libraries
  • Storing expressions in variables and loading them in the script
  • Developing a multi-tier data acquisition process

Advanced Expressions

  • Advanced Aggregation (AGGR)
    • Common uses
    • The 3 laws of AGGR
    • Advanced analytical uses of AGGR()
  • Advanced Set Analysis
    • Simple and Advanced Search
    • Using Dates in Set Analysis
    • Advanced analytical uses of Set Analysis
    • Set Analysis and AGGR() working together

Performance Tuning

  • Common performance pitfalls in the layout
  • Common performance pitfalls in data models
  • Data load performance

Pricing and Packages:

Master Custom Class Offering for QlikView or Qlik Sense

This is a unique training offering that allows customers design a fully customized class, prepared and delivered by a seasoned Qlik expert. The possible customizations include:

  • Free choice of class duration, agenda, set of topics and techniques to be delivered
  • All exercises built from scratch, based on the customer’s data and business problems
  • Fully customized schedule and delivery methods (on site or virtual, days per week, hours per day, etc…)

The advantage of investing in a custom class is the ability to tailor the content and the learning experience to the needs and the business requirements of the client. For example:

  • Healthcare business analysts find it difficult to grasp QlikView visualizations based on the standard training that describes retail sales. Tailoring the contents to the Healthcare particular needs and data allows them to connect to the material a lot better.
  • A team of experienced Qlik developers may not need a full curriculum class, but could benefit from 1-2 days of training with the focus on Set Analysis, Advanced Aggregation, and Performance Tuning.
  • A company can’t lose 5 days in a row for a 5-days training. Instead, they would like to train their team one day per week, for 5 weeks in a row.

All these and other non-standard requirements can be covered with the Custom Training offering. The customized materials are licensed to the client for internal use and can be used repetitively for additional internal training classes. After the first delivery of the class, the customer can chose to have future classes delivered by the same seasoned expert, or by an internal instructor.

Pricing and Packages:

(*) – the price is quoted for a typical beginners’ content, customized for the client’s data. The actual price can be either lower, when the content is largely available, or higher when the content is too advanced or too specific, which requires additional discovery and preparation time.

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